India is the birthplace of many culinary traditions. This is due to the fact of the mix of different cultures, religions and traditions. Indian cuisine is very diverse in terms of taste, color and aroma. It largely uses vegetarian and vegan products, which are skillfully combined with various spices to prepare a wealth of dishes. Much of the impact on Indian cuisine was exerted by followers of different religions and nationalities who settled in the lands of India.  For example, Muslims introduced  mutton and lamb, Portuguese – potatoes, and the English, the habit of drinking tea, a wonderful, aromatic drink called-‘Chai’.

The diversity of Indian cuisine satisfies  the tastes of anyone looking for a new culinary experience.
Meals served in an Indian restaurant, bar or in the comfort of your home are multi-course. They begin with a snack, which can be hot or cold. It is mostly Indian  samosa, pakora and vegetable fritters -aloo tikka. This is accompanied by various dips and chatneye. Then the main courses are served hot with viscous sauces, for example, Curry or balti vindalu. What will be the main dish depends on the region of India, where it is served. However, in many places in India, sauces are served with rice and a variety of breads naan, chapati or roti, replacing the cutlery. There is nothing yummier than hot and crispy breads dipped in an aromatic sauce. The meal may also consist of several main dishes, then each is received on a plate with such dishes, which is called – thali. After finishing the meal comes time to enjoy sweets, yogurt lassi or Indian tea.

Indian cuisine has one feature that allows it to stand out from all other cuisines of the world. These aromatic spices rarely host tables of other cuisines. Among the most popular spices are cardamom, ginger, cumin, curry leaves, turmeric, coriander, chilli and many, many others. Spices also have a very beneficial effect on our health. The Indians have a reliable sense of connecting all these spices in the mix called masala. In each house the masala recipe is different and this secret is sometimes  reluctantly revealed.

We also have prepared with you in mind, Dear guests, a special masala-mix of wonderful and aromatic spices. The restaurant INDIA MASALA is where you will be able to enjoy Indian cuisine, prepared on the basis of our masala.
We warmly welcome all guests and we wish you a wonderful, aromatic, culinary trip to India.

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